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Lyes Farm Office, Cuckfield Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex
RH15 8RG
United Kingdom

01444 616162

Occupational Therapy for children and young people living in the South East of England. Our dedicated assessment and sensory integration therapy centre is the first and only one of it's kind in Sussex.


Adoption Support Fund


Jigsaw Occupational Therapy, in collaboration with Just Be Therapy Servicesare able to provide multi-disciplinary assessments through a number of regional Local Authorities to offer a comprehensive analysis of the required therapeutic support and aid families in accessing the appropriate support services thereafter.  Our multi-discplinary services utilise our dedicated assessment and therapy centre whilst also offering educational setting and home visits to ensure a fully all-inclusive overview is obtained.

The fund was established by the government in 2013 to impart support for adopted children and their families. Through this fund we can combine Just Be Therapy's psychotherapeutic services with our Occupational Therapist's expertise in working with children and young people with attachment and trauma disorders to ensure that the most appropriate emotional or psychological support is offered in combination with designing a personalised therapy programme around an individual's needs. All funding should be applied for via your Local Authority, however, we are happy to have initial discussions direct with parents and Special Guardians to provide further information as to the offering available. 

TEL - 01444 6161662

TEL - 01444 6161662


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