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Lyes Farm Office, Cuckfield Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex
RH15 8RG
United Kingdom

01444 616162

Occupational Therapy for children and young people living in the South East of England. Our dedicated assessment and sensory integration therapy centre is the first and only one of it's kind in Sussex.



"My son is on the autistic spectrum and finds it hard to co-ordinate his body. He adores coming to Jigsaw OT to play in the sensory room. Mel has worked with him for over a year and we have seen a real change in his self-confidence, approach to activities and skills. He is now more body confident and more aware of safety and the need to plan what he’s going to do rather than throw himself into it without thinking. 

He can now explain what he’s going to do and why. Mel has been able to help him tone key muscle groups. which has helped his core stability and also his pencil grip and flow. Mel has also been able to encourage him to try different activities over time (which has not always been easy). 

Outside of Jigsaw OT, we have seen him grow in confidence generally. He is more prepared to have a go at physical activities where he wouldn't have done previously, and his swimming (which he finds really hard) has improved. We feel these changes are clearly related to the work he’s done at Jigsaw OT and are so pleased to see a happier more body confident child whose skills are steadily improving."

Heather Moore, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

"At the age of two my daughter was diagnosed with a “global delay”. Despite numerous tests being performed and having established that there were no genetic problems, no one in the NHS could explain the reason for the delay. Therefore, without knowing what the problem was it was impossible to know the type of therapy to give her.

I found Jigsaw OT online. After a short time spent with my daughter, Vicky recommended that she administer some detailed tests that, in turn, would hopefully give results that would highlight my daughter’s issues. The tests were very successful and immediately revealed that she had Sensory Processing problems.  

Vicky instantly recommended relevant therapy including some very practical and easy things to do at home and at school. Since then, my daughter’s progress has been exponential and I can honestly say that Jigsaw OT succeeded where the NHS failed. I was so impressed with the results that I arranged for Jigsaw OT to liaise with her school and make recommendations which they have followed  with success.

I would therefore highly recommend Jigsaw OT. On a personal note:  the team at Jigsaw OT are naturally in tune with the children and my daughter looks forward to her sessions and thoroughly enjoys them. Everyone that I have met at Jigsaw OT has been professional, friendly and hardworking. In summary: their excellent work has made a very positive difference to our lives."

Paul Blunt, Hove, East Sussex.

"We have a worked with Jigsaw OT for a couple of years now and the OT's have been vital parts of the medical team around our 7 year old child who has hearing loss, sensory integration difficulties and autism.  

The OT's truly “got” how to work with our son and he has loved his Sensory Integration sessions. What’s especially wonderful about working with the OT's at Jigsaw is that they are always willing to collaborate with other professionals, the school, the family and child in order to ensure that our child gets the support he needs in every environment.

We are so thankful to have the Jigsaw OT team in our lives and we can't recommend them highly enough!"

Kirsty James, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

"Our son was diagnosed with hypermobility and sensory processing difficulties in December 2012.  It was suggested that Occupational Therapy would be of help and Jigsaw OT were recommended.  When his treatment first began he struggled in all aspects of everyday life.  He had poor motor control, poor balance and was low in confidence. His sessions with Mel have been instrumental to his wellbeing, making such a huge difference to him.  Although he works hard in his sessions he sees them as play and thoroughly enjoys them and looks forward to the next.

The atmosphere and setting are very welcoming and everyone is so kind.  Jigsaw OT has always been very supportive not only to our son but also to us as parents who had no knowledge of the condition prior to diagnosis. The school have also been extremely appreciative of the additional input. I also attended a training session aimed at parents, teachers and teaching assistants.  It gave me such a fantastic insight of how the condition presents itself and I came away with a much clearer and better understanding.

Our son continues to make progress and has made remarkable steps in the short time he has been receiving treatment.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Jigsaw OT."

Sam Parry,  Cowfold, West Sussex.

"I have had the pleasure of being involved with the lovely people at Jigsaw OT whilst they have supported my daughter for over a year. The team have been such a huge influence, with my daughter experiencing a giant improvement since receiving treatment. They are such wonderful people and so magical with my daughter and their general approach to therapy. 

I can not praise them enough for their caring and professional approach when dealing with my daughter's dyspraxia. Jigsaw OT have made such a difference to her in all aspects of her life. A massive thank you!"

Bev Stocker,  Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

Tel - 01444 616162

Tel - 01444 616162